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Consultant Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Maverick Theory team. We are excited to welcome you to a one-of-a-kind company. A company with the capability of a full-service consultancy firm with the flexibility and power of a top tier talent agency. The skillsets you’ve built throughout your entire career are vital, however, your unique abilities as a human being are the inspiration behind this invitation. Your ability to instruct, inspire, and make an impact on those around you allows us to work together and build the best teams to help others accomplish their dreams and goals.


Project Deliverables:

To ensure a smooth transition and set you up for success, you will receive the project deliverables prior to your start date, at our earliest convenience. These deliverables will provide you with essential insights and context to hit the ground running upon joining the Client’s team.

Introduction Process to the Client & Job:

  • Initial Phone Call with Maverick Theory & Consultant:

    • During this call, we will discuss the project scope, objectives, and your role within the team. We'll also delve into identifying the climate of the client and core issues to be addressed.

  • Second Call with Consultant & Client:

    • This call will serve as the official introduction between you and the client. We'll facilitate introductions and delve deeper into the project's core issues, ensuring alignment and understanding from both parties.

  • MT Partners Review and Mission Email:

    • Following the initial calls, the Maverick Theory Partners will review the discussions and insights gathered. We will then send you a detailed 'Mission Email,' outlining the project's mission, objectives, and any specific guidelines or expectations.

  • Third Call: MT Partners & Consultant - Review and Feedback:

    • In this call, we will review the 'Mission Email' together, ensuring clarity and understanding of the project's goals and your approach. Additionally, we'll gather feedback from both you and the MT Partners to refine our strategy moving forward.

Consultation Process:

During your onsite consultation, the process will follow these steps:

  • Confirm Arrival:

    • Upon arrival at the job site, confirm your presence with Maverick Theory.

  • Job Site Assessment:

    • Evaluate the current state of the job site to gain insights and context for the project.

  • Initiation of the Job:

    • Begin the consultation process based on the assessment findings and project objectives.

      • These deliverables will be discussed prior to your departure for the job and agreed upon between Maverick Theory & The Client.

  • Mid-Job Support Call with Maverick Theory Team:

    • Engage in a support call with the Maverick Theory team to discuss progress, challenges, and any adjustments needed.

  • Exit Strategy Call with Client (without Consultant) while Onsite:

    • Conduct an exit strategy call with the client to ensure a smooth transition post-consultation.

Compensation, Travel Information, and Miscellaneous:

 a) General Information of Consultant:

  • Your general role within the Maverick Theory Team will be based around, but not limited to your particular skill-set.

  • Your agreed upon compensation for daily rates will be based on a daily minimum set by the consultant. 


b) Maverick Theory Payment Policy:

  • All consultants are paid as W-9 contractors and will be provided a corresponding 1099 for the tax year.

  • Consultants will be paid by the 5th day of each month for all work completed during the previous month. Should work overlap this period, Maverick Theory will pay you for the days worked during the previous month period.

  • Maverick Theory uses Square Payroll to pay their consultants. This is a direct deposit payment system. Upon joining the Maverick Theory team, you will receive an invitation to enroll in Square Pay. 

    • If you collect your payment through a business entity, you can enter your company EIN in the SSN field.


c) Travel Day and Compensation:

  • Maverick Theory will book all air travel (i.e. - flight, car & accommodation).

    • If the consultant books their own flight, they must select flights that are within normal market value range, in good faith. First Class flights are not reimbursed.

    • Reimbursement for the flight will be paid prior to departure.

  • All travel and accommodation is paid for by The Client, but will be reimbursed to the Consultant via Maverick Theory.

  • When flight time travel exceeds 6 hrs, the consultant will be compensated $225/day

  • AirBnB will be the accommodation of preference by Maverick Theory & Client on most jobs, location depending.


d) Travel Reimbursement Procedure:

  • Should any unforeseen expenditure occur while onsite with a client, please attempt to reach out to Maverick Theory immediately. If you are not able to connect with Maverick Theory, please keep the receipt of the purchase so Maverick Theory can review for reimbursement.

    • E.g.: bar equipment, BOH food runs, additional Uber rides beyond the already allotted to/from the airport, etc.

  • Please send all invoices and/or receipts to “” for record keeping purposes and to ensure they are properly cataloged.


f) Maverick Theory Per Diem Policy:

  • Each consultant will get an additional $65/day per diem for food, drink and miscellaneous use on travel days. Maverick Theory does not need receipts for per diem expenditure. This per diem will be included in the monthly payment.


g) Cancellation Policy:

  • If you are unable to make a previously agreed upon consulting job, please contact Maverick Theory immediately so they may find a replacement.

  • Client dates supersede Maverick Theory preferred dates on all jobs, and thus your availability and allocation to the job is subject to change.


h) Travel Preference Questionnaire:

  • Please provide Maverick Theory with the following information at your earliest convenience:

    • Airline preference & requisite information

    • Airline seat preference

    • Hotel preference (for when necessary)

    • Any travel restrictions or limitations:

      • Allergies

      • Physical limitations

      • Blackout times / days when travel is not an option

Payments / Processing:

  • Authorization for ACH Debits: By signing, you authorize Maverick Theory, LLC to withdraw funds from your account for the agreed installment amounts through the contract's duration.

  • Insufficient Funds: If your account lacks funds, you may incur additional charges. Repeated issues may lead to contract termination and immediate payment of the remaining balance.

  • Changes to Banking Information: Notify Maverick Theory, LLC of any bank account changes to avoid payment delay.

  • Cancellation: This authorization remains until the contract is fulfilled or written notice of cancellation is received. Any costs Maverick Theory, LLC has incurred for the contract up until that point will remain as an outstanding balance, e.g. deposits for consultants, flights, etc. Cancellation does not relieve you of your contractual obligations.

We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you and most importantly, help integrate your unique ability and skill sets to our clients and the world. Please review the attached documents and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Once again, welcome to the team! We look forward to bending realities with you.

Best Regards,

Maverick Theory

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