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Introducing James Lombardino, a seasoned professional with over a decade of cocktail experience spanning various bar settings. From East Village neighborhood hangouts to high-volume underground bars and fine dining restaurants, James has excelled in diverse environments.

James's journey includes being part of the Michelin Starred Oxalis team and continuing with the company for their next venture, Place de Fêtes, named the best new restaurant by the New Yorker Magazine in 2022. As Head Bartender at both Oxalis and Place De Fêtes, James's expertise in drink theory and creativity facilitated the growth of these programs.
With a strong industry network, James has coordinated large cocktail events with brands like Espolon Tequila and Hendricks Gin. He's also orchestrated recurring live music series with fashion designer John Varvatos at the former CBGB music venue in New York.

As a vital member of the Maverick Theory team, James brings a guiding force to bars and cocktail programs, ensuring the highest standards, comprehensive training, and exceptional drinks.


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