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Introducing Sarah Charles, a seasoned professional in the world of classic cocktails with nearly a decade of experience at Weather Up Brooklyn. Starting as a server and advancing to bartender, Sarah delved into the nuances of classic cocktails and the Milk and Honey compendium.

During the pandemic, Sarah took on the challenge of managing Weather Up, elevating standards, boosting profit margins, and doubling sales from pre-pandemic years. In early 2022, she transitioned to fine dining as the Head Bartender at the Michelin Starred Oxalis, expanding her creativity to craft elegant cocktails and nonalcoholic beverages.

Sarah's expertise extends to organizing and working bars for various specialty events, including weddings, concerts, and RTD canned cocktail hangouts. As a valued member of the Maverick Theory team, Sarah brings her polish, precision, and positivity to enhance any bar experience to the next level.

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Beverage (Cocktails)

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